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Great Variety with lots of options for children

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Taken from Trip Advisor.

Usually when my cousin and his children come to Barrie we go to one of the Chinese Buffet restaurants, but one of his customers mentioned the Market Buffet, so we tried it. First we were happy with the prices – a good $30 less for us all than at that other place – granted there weren’t as many options, less seafood selections, but there WERE good options. Found that the salad bar had enough options to make us happy, there were a good number of vegetables, and loved the meat options. I was pleased with the roast beef, which was cooked more than I prefer, but it was moist. There wasn’t as much fried foods as I had expected. The kids really liked the pizza, and the ice cream was popular. It was a place where it was easy to overeat, but it was all very good. Only disappointment was that the cinnamon rolls weren’t what we were expecting, but that wasn’t enough to complain about. Also liked the fact that you pay up front, so no waiting around afterwards for the bill to be brought.
Was it a gourmet meal? No, but we didn’t pay for a gourmet meal. The price was right, especially for children.

Visited February 2013

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